- - Pioneer Updates Its Cycling Power Meter

Pioneer Updates Its Cycling Power Meter

Pioneer unveiled updates to its cycling power/crank system at last week’s InterBike Show. 

When Pioneer first introduced their system, buyers could only purchase it pre-installed with either a Dura-Ace 9000 or Ultegra 6800 crankset. However, the Japanese electronics giant is now offering just the power/meter system for $1,299. 

Customers are provided a return shipping box, along with an information sheet that they complete. From there, their crankset is sent directly to Pioneer’s California via their local bike shop, to have the power/meter installed. Turn around time is roughly 7-10 business days, and Pioneer keeps the customer informed during the process.  

The power meter is compatible with any ANT+ cycling computer. However, in order to display all of Pioneer’s advanced data, customers will  need to purchase the SGX-CA500 computer for $300. Or, for $379, they can purchase just the company’s head unit, along with a speed/cadence sensor, and buy the power/meter later.  

Another option, is for customers to pair it with their current power meter, whereby any ANT+ model should work. 

Beginning this fall, a touchscreen interface will display "gearing" (top left of screen), as well as gear ratio (top right), when paired with Shimano’s D-Fly wireless transmitter designed for Di2 drivetrains.

Lastly, Pioneer’s computers have built in WiFi, which allows them to instantly connect to their Cyclo-Sphere training software in the cloud. From there, data can automatically post to Strava. Furthermore, by the end of this month, Training Peaks auto uploads will be added to the growing list of software interfaces as well.

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