- - Pyle Audio Launches New HD Action Camera

Pyle Audio Launches New HD Action Camera

Given the onslaught of new HD action cameras flooding the marketplace, cyclists are being given more and more options to immortalize their riding adventures. 

The latest to join the craze, is Pyle Audio with their new eXpo HD action camera.

Pyle Audio is mostly known for manufacturing car and home audio products. However, as of recent, the brand has also started making gear for outdoor activities. So, in order to fit the “job description”, Pyle has launched it’s new action camera as the “perfect companion” for outdoor athletes – like cyclists. 

The eXpo HD camera boasts a 20 mega pixel sensor, with adjustable ISO sensitivity settings from 100-1600, plus auto. In addition, it’s capable of recording at 60,50,30, or 25 frames-per-second, and it can record video in either 1080p and/or 720p. Moreover, files can be stored on the camera itself via a removable Micro SD Card media – with up to a 32GB of space. 

Additionally, the eXpo features a 4X digital zoom and a motion detector recording function, which are controlled via a 2.0” invertible LCD touch screen display. The eXpo also includes a strap-on a Wi-Fi remote control to ease operation on the go. Pyle also has developed an eXpo app to enable  video and photo capture directly to your smartphone via WiFi. 

The eXpo HD comes equipped with the following accessories: 

• a waterproof case with a GoPro style mount, safe to 190′
• multiple stick-on, strap-on, and clamp-on mounts and clips
• strap-on a Wi-Fi remote control
• a two-hour Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
• a USB charging cable

The 2.6” (W) x 1.9” (H) x 1.3” (D) eXpo Hi-Speed HD Action Camera from Pyle is available in either black or white for $250 directly from Pyle Audio.


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