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Folks in the UK may drive on the wrong side of the road, but, when it comes to cycling, fortunately they sit in the same place as the rest of us do.  😉 And the Brits are passionate about their cycling. Not surprisingly, all sorts of innovative bike "stuff" is always emanating from that little island. Everything from full-on frame design and development, to componentry and related gear – galore. One such company has been focussed on protecting your "assets" over the years with uniquely designed saddles that take a bold approach to "shape" and "contour" – RIDO saddles.

According to the company’s founder, John Kenney, "a saddle needs to be more than just a rest or support; it needs to be an integral part of the cycling function." Indeed, for anyone who has ever experienced saddle discomfort, and I for one have, there’s nothing more excruciating and intractable. RIDO addresses this problem with a couple of saddles that are designed to accommodate a swarth of riders – ranging from the urban commuter to the competitive racer. Dig ! 

The downside is, the Brits are still lousy cooks. 😛 


Hear all about the RIDO saddle straight from the designer.

"The proven performance benefits of RIDO saddles are based upon a sound design logic I have long stood by ever since I sculpted the first RIDO sports/leisure saddle for myself many years ago. 

That is to say:-

(i) If you want comfort, you need a degree of lift off the perineum, an available array of rider-saddle contact points and good location on the saddle. Saddle shape is the key. Cycling comfort has nothing to do with the amount of foam cushioning.

(ii) If you want more speed cycling in an aggressive aero position then you need a shape of saddle conducive to that position, which the customary ‘flat isosceles triangle with a nose extension’ simply isn’t. What gives you the necessary positive location on the saddle as you pedal down hard? What is there to push against? A saddle needs to be more than just a rest or support; it needs to be an integral part of the cycling function."

John Kenney, November 2011

RIDO comfort design principles now deliver improved performance cycling

In essence it’s the patented design, or more accurately topography, of the RIDO saddle that is the key to its now extensively proven pressure shifting properties (Pressure Shift Geometry TM). It’s unique sculpture not only provides the necessary lift to reduce perineal discomfort but it also offers a variety of rider-saddle contact points, for we all have to move around and adjust ourselves when sitting in one place for extended periods of time.

It is these two crucial elements which go to create RIDO’s more comfortable cycling experience. The distance you can cycle is no longer limited by your saddle pain endurance threshold. Suddenly it becomes just a matter of your fitness and leg strength!

For the RLt this ‘RIDO principle’ has been stylishly fashioned into a firm, slim, elegant performance road saddle of almost half the weight of its more leisurely counterpart, the wider and softer R2. It’s not a replacement for the R2. It’s designed for a different type of cycling and for a different type of cyclist, namely aero-position, performance road racing, time trialling and track cycling.

– Medial lift and thereby pressure relief on the perineal area;
– Variations in th rider-saddle impact zone for overall comfort;
– Enhanced on-the-saddle-location and power delivery to the pedals.

Relative to the R2, the RLt is very firm, but this is necessary in order to reduce loss of energy when cycling and to maintain the shape under the most strenuous conditions. The curvature of the saddle is designed not only to always give you the necessary lift and variation in rider-saddle contact spots as you ride but to also provide superb location enabling more power delivery to the pedals: a boon to any serious cyclist, especially up those inclines. Without realising you will subconsciously soon get used to riding on the RLt and then suddenly discover the unusual lack of recovery period from soreness (and numbness) after your rides…… and then you’ll discover that you covered your usual ride a bit quicker but with the same effort input.


A new cycling freedom beckons

Where perineal (crotch) pain and discomfort were once serious and restrictive problem issues for countless numbers of cyclists, Both men and women RIDO owners are now enjoying the uninhibited freedom of being able to ride as far and as long as their legs and fitness level will take them.

Cycling enthusists’ sports saddle with unique ‘pressure-shift’ comfort properties.

The shape of conventional saddles (with or without centre grooves, channels, recesses etc) leave you with no option other than to take the downward force of your bodyweight on your perineum. With the RIDO R2, specifically designed to give both lift (and thereby pressure relief on the perineal area) and variations in the impact zone between rider and saddle, you have the choice as to how much pressure, if any, you want to bear down on that sensitive area of your anatomy simply by slightly adjusting the saddle’s angle of tilt.

In essence it’s the degree of contact you’re having with the nose that is the key. The RIDO saddle’s nose is in fact only (a) a means of effectively steering your bike at speed (something to lean against with your inner thigh as you turn – which you can’t do with those strange looking noseless saddles) and ( B) a device for keeping you on the saddle. It’s not for taking your weight….. unless you want it to!

On top of this, the R2’s patented design has the effect of reducing strain or pressure on the base of the spine, subtly inducing the increased use of your core muscles. This has shown to alleviate discomfort associated with lower back and coccyx problems for men and women who prior to discovering the R2 were unable to pursue their love of cycling.



In essence, the RIDO ‘R2’ saddle is the answer for cyclists who suffer varying degrees of perineal or crotch pain, who can’t get comfortable on their existing saddle, who can’t finish those centuries because their back hurts, and who simply cannot find a saddle that fulfils their comfort needs. 

It’s a saddle that’s designed to solve a specific problem and in so doing remedy many consequential cycling issues relating to performance, 
enjoyment and health.


Maybe you’ve just taken up cycling again for the first time in several years and discouragingly find that you can’t go any more than five minutes without some form of perineal numbness and discomfort. The RIDO saddle’s your answer and will keep you from consigning that bike back to the garage. It will feel strange for the first five minutes and then after that it will be your legs and stamina that restrict how long you can ride for, not saddle discomfort. And it doesn’t stop there: if you’ve been suffering with coccyx or back discomfort whilst cycling, the R2 has been shown to be an excellent remedy.


Perhaps you’re worried about rising PSA levels or you’ve just recovered from prostate problems and your physician has advised you against protracted time spent on a bicycle. Don’t worry: RIDO will get you safely riding again as, unlike other saddles, there’s virtually no pressure on those delicate areas at all. (See what the doctors say: CLICK HERE).
And for those of you with back and coccyx discomfort whilst cycling, our saddles have been shown to help trememndously by reducing strain or pressure on the base of the spine, subtly inducing the increased use of your core muscles. 


Are you a recreational, commuter or pack-tour cyclist who’s endurance is constantly being hampered by a lack of saddle comfort? Are you constantly conscious of your saddle as you ride, always trying to get comfortable? RIDO converts say that the longer you ride , the less you you’re aware you’re even on a saddle. This even extends to when you dismount at the end your ride….. none of the usual after effects at all.


Perineal discomfort actually restricts your use of your core and hip flexor muscles. You’re so distracted, whether it be consciously and unconsciously, that you just can’t relax and open up those hips, applying full power to the pedals. Any cyclist would all benefit from the RIDO R2 saddle’s unique attributes.  (See what the experts say: CLICK HERE)



And for indoor stationary trainers and spinning bikes RIDO really comes into its own. There’s no lateral movement with these machines so the downward pressure of your bodyweight is focussed even more than normal onto your saddle and those delicate areas of your anatomy.

There’s an endless sample of unsolicited testimonials from both men and women around the world, from all walks of life, of all ages, and engaged in all kinds of cycling disciplines. They’re well worth a quick browse through.


The RIDO saddle’s construction is a unique monocoque sculpture TM, a patented technological manufacturing revolution in itself, specially developed to fulfil the design’s requisite combination of localised flexibility to add even further to the comfort factor. 

As opposed to other saddles that comprise a solid core base upholstered with foam or gel pockets, where once the padding is squashed down the rider is simply impacting on a solid again, the RIDO saddle comprises a specially designed skeleton moulded together with an upper ‘skin’ which together not only offer localised flexibility in key areas across the sitting surface but a vital degree of ‘give’ throughout the length of the saddle – like an integral suspension. 

The result is a firm, tough saddle, no larger than today’s conventional sports saddles (for dimensions, see R2 Details PDF file at the bottom of the previous page) that is affordable to everyone and, most of all, provides a new and unrivalled level of improved rider comfort with a completely free pedalling action.


This is a one-size-fits-all saddle, further assisted by the longer than usual rails* of standard diameter and parallel distance apart that fit to any regular bicycle seat-post clamp. 

There’s plenty of movement back and forth available to you for positioning yourself nearer or further away from the handlebars. As a result, converts have even been known to pack a RIDO saddle in their holiday luggage when planning to hire a bike at their destination.


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