- - Repair Rebel All-In-One Bicycle Multitool

Repair Rebel All-In-One Bicycle Multitool

3mm Hex Head

4mm Hex Head

5mm Hex Head

5.5mm Hex Head

6mm Hex Head

7mm Hex Head

8mm Hex Head

3mm Hex Bolt Wrench

3.5mm Hex Bolt Wrench

4mm Hex Bolt Wrench

5mm Hex Bolt Wrench

5.5mm Hex Bolt Wrench

6mm Hex Bolt Wrench

9mm Hex Bolt Wrench

9.5mm Hex Bolt Wrench

10mm Hex Bolt Wrench

15mm Hex Bolt Wrench

Phillips Screw Driver

Flat Head Screw Driver

T25 Tork Head

3.23mm Spoke key (DT/Wheelsmith Nipples)

3.30mm Spoke Key (Most European)

3.45mm Spoke Key (Most Asian)

3.96mm spoke key (Larger Sizes)

The Production Tool Differs from the prototype in the following ways:

-A Phillips screwdriver and a T25 Torx head replace the 1.5mm and 2mm hex tools on the outside circumference.

-There was a cut made on all four of the spoke keys.

– I have increased the length of the hex heads on the outside circumference.

Please Note that the Production tool is the one that is being offered to you for the price listed at the top right of this page.

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