- - Retül University Offers Cycling Injury Education

Retül University Offers Cycling Injury Education

One of the industry’s leaders in bike fit optimization, Retül, is working in conjunction with the  Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and British Cycling to offer a two-day class specifically on cycling injury management.

The Cycling-Specific Injury Management program includes instruction in bike fit principles that can help mitigate common cycling injuries. Each session will cover topics including physical assessment protocol for a cyclist, the interface between a rider’s body and contact points on the bike, biomechanical data collection methods, data application and current research and trends in cycling injury management.


"Our goal with this program is to help professionals who are already well versed in physiology and biomechanics supplement their knowledge by learning bike fit principles," said Andy Pruitt, founder of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. "There is a massive opportunity for medical professionals to help alleviate or prevent cycling injuries among their patients," Pruitt said.

The classes will be led by Pruit; Todd Carver, Retül’s chief fit and education officer; Phil Burt, head physiotherapist for British Cycling and consultant for Team Sky; and John R. Dennis of Retül University Europe, a former physiotherapist for British Triathlon and owner of Physiohaus bike fit and physiotherapy center in the United Kingdom.

"We’re very excited about the collaboration," Carver said. "Retül has worked with British Cycling and Team Sky for several years, and together we can share practical knowledge that is coming down from our work with some of the best cyclists in the world. This group also has an incredible amount of experience with local competitive athletes and weekend warriors in our communities. A strength of this program is certainly the depth of experience."

The sessions will be offered Aug. 7-8 in Boulder and Oct. 1-2 in Manchester.


Cycling Specific Injury Management Workshop

Workshop Description

As cycling continues to grow as a sport globally, cycling injuries also have continued to rise. These repetitive motion injuries have been treated by clinical practitioners, physical therapists and bike fitting professionals by mechanically correcting the position of the rider on the bike.

This two-day workshop is designed for medical professionals, physical therapists and bike fitters that hold an advanced degree in human biomechanics, manual therapy or sports medicine to be able to diagnose and treat cycling related injuries using the medical bike fit process. The seminar style workshop brings together some of the world’s best minds in cycling science and offers students the most cutting edge knowledge base and understanding of leading tools and techniques via practical application. 

Workshop Instructors:
  • Dr. Andy Pruitt EdD, Founder of Boulder Center for Sports Medicine
  • Todd Carver, MS, Chief Fit and Education Officer Retül
  • Phil Burt MCSP Bsc Hons, Lead Physiotherapist British Cycling
  • John Dennis MSCP, Lead Physiotherapist Retül and Physio Haüs

Students who complete this course will possess the most advanced cycling injury and bike fit knowledge base available and be able to put it into practice immediately in their clinics, labs and sports medicine practices.

Pre-Requisite Requirements:

Must have an advanced degree or clinical knowledge in human biomechanics, manual therapy or sports medicine, and practical experience treating cycling injuries.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the history of medical bike fit as a practice
  • Identification of common cycling Injuries in relation to the musculo-skeletal system
  • Understanding the utilization of 2D and 3D motion analysis for identifying cycling injuries
  • Mechanical correction to alleviate injury          
  • Client coaching and support for correction of injuries
  • Implement bike fit protocols to alleviate injuries
  • Utilize clinical reasoning to understand cycling injuries and research
Locations offering workshop: USA, United Kingdom

Cost: $1,000 USD 

Credential Earned: Certificate of Completion

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