- - Reynolds Cycling Launches New Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads

Reynolds Cycling Launches New Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads

Reynolds launches a new co-branded version of it’s Cryo-Blue brake pads called – Brako.
According to Reynolds, the new pad 44% bigger and features 6 diagonal slots instead of the 3 vertical slots found on the previous version – which drastically improves water shedding.  
Designed specifically to work with the company’s CTg (Cryogenic Glass Transition) brake track, the combination of pad and hybrid carbon laminate reduce heat build up and dissipate heat faster – offering 42% better stopping force in the wet, and 33% better in the dry.
Cryo-Blue POWER Brake Pads

  1. A unique, hybrid carbon-fiber laminate in the brake track
  2. A blue polymer brake pad

Together, the brake track and pad minimize heat build-up from pad-to rim friction and dissipate heat away to ensure smooth, predictable braking.

Reynolds has high expectations for the performance of this system. While the original Cryo-Blue Blue Pads still exceed Reynolds’ standards, the Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads set the bar even higher. Testing validates that the new Power Pads deliver 33% increase in dry conditions stopping and 42% increase in wet conditions stopping.


  • Sleek, tapered design
  • 44% larger braking surface than the original Cryo-Blue Pads.
  • Six angled slots that move air and water through them, offering increased cooling in dry conditions, and increased control in wet conditions.

Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads are available stock with every Reynolds 2014 carbon road wheel and also available as an after-market purchase.

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