- - Reynolds Launches New 921 Stainless Steel Tubing

Reynolds Launches New 921 Stainless Steel Tubing

Reynolds announces a new addition to it’s line-up of stainless steel tubing called –  

the 921. 

The new tubeset is cold-worked, and it has a claimed tensile strength of 1000MPa.

According to Reynolds, the material is already in use by the aviation, marine and gas and oil industries for it’s high resistance to corrosion. 

Frame builders are particularly enthused about working with it, because the tubeset isn’t heat treated. And, therefore, gets it’s strength from "cold working", which in turn is much easier to manipulate than say, the company’s 953 tubeset, which is notoriously difficult to work with.  In addition, tubeset is suitable for TIG welded and lugged frames, and tooling for 631 and 725 tubesets can be used with it as well. 

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