- - Rotor Offers 30 Day Trial on Q-Rings

Rotor Offers 30 Day Trial on Q-Rings

ROTOR has been extolling the virtues of their oval chainrings, based on the fact that no single cyclist pedals perfectly.

Indeed, at some point in a cyclist’s pedal rotation, there’s a deviation(s) in applied power.

According to ROTOR, their Q-Ring technology helps orient the chainring around the cyclist’s individual  pedaling characteristics – to achieve better uniformity and power distribution. 

With that in mind, ROTOR has instituted its Try-Q program, which allows cyclists the opportunity to test the virtues of the Spanish brand’s Q-Rings, through their authorized dealers. 

Press release from ROTOR – 

ROTOR Bike Components has launched an aggressive program to encourage loyal, curious, and even skeptical cyclists to try its flagship Q-Rings. The campaign offers a 30-day trial of any of its oval Q-Rings, which are available for road, triathlon, mountain bike, and cyclocross.

The program has improved upon a similar ROTOR initiative to “TryQ” with a multimedia campaign intended to inform and educate consumers on the benefits of oval chainrings. Videos, testimonials, a microsite, and an authoritative white paper (PDF) span a range of useful information to help consumers make an educated decision about Q-Rings.

“We want the user to experience the full benefits of Q-Rings, which includes fine-tuning the angle between the centerline of the cranks and the largest diameter of the chainring according to the rider’s unique pedal stroke.” said Ignacio Estellés, ROTOR president and co-founder.

ROTOR believes this campaign will send a strong message to consumers that Q-Rings feature proven performance benefits and that ROTOR is confident that customers who try them won’t want to return them.

TryQ program details

  • The 30 Day Guarantee is valid for all Q-Ring models, with the exception of special edition Q-Rings
  • This is a brick-and-mortar only offer and NOT available to online stores!
  • Customers have 30 days from the time-of-purchase to ride, test and evaluate Q-Rings and follow the adaptation phase guide in order to determine their Optimum Chainring Position (OCP).
  • If, at the end of the 30 days, after the customer has gone through the adaption phase and determined his/her Optimum Chainring Position, the customer is not satisfied, s/he can return the chainrings to the retailer where they were purchased.
  • Customers are advised to please consult with the retailer at time-of-purchase to determine if chainrings will be refunded for cash or store credit; this would be at the retailer’s discretion.

The 30-day trial is valid for all Q-Ring models through local bike shops that are ROTOR dealers.

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