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Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge

                      WE WANT YOU (TO RIDE WITH US)

Argonaut Cycles, Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles and Breadwinner Cycles are proud to announce the 2015 Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge. Each builder will bring a team of 4 to race this years Rouge Roubaix. We are looking for motivated, experienced racers to join each builder’s team. Each builder will select one applicant and build them a Complete Custom Dream Bike, and pay for the winner to travel and race this years Rouge Roubaix with the Builder Team of their choice.


A classic 106 mile road race that covers the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Feliciana’s. The race starts in St. Francisville, LA and travels north and west through the back roads of West Feliciana Parish and Wilkinson County, Mississippi. You will encounter a constantly rolling terrain, and a few climbs that will test all racers. The road surfaces will vary greatly. You will encounter chip and seal, sandy gravel, smooth as glass asphalt, and some roads that are just plain bad.

This race is a classic test of man and his machine vs. the terrain and elements. It would be unfair to attempt to predict what type of weather to expect for the Rouge Roubaix. You should come prepared to battle 80 degree heat and Louisiana humidity (it’s worse than Houston). You should also come prepared to expect temperatures so low that your water bottles will freeze. And then again, if the cycling Gods are with us, we will get one of those perfect spring like days where it will be tough to break a sweat.

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