- - Scope Cycling Launches New Wheelsets

Scope Cycling Launches New Wheelsets

Just in time for Christmas, we stumbled upon the new Dutch wheel brand, Scope Cycling, and just like "visions of sugar plums dancing around in our heads", gorgeous wheelsets abound on every page. 

​From what we can glean, Scope offers three wheelsets, the RC3, RC4 and RC5, which distinguish themselves based on rim profile.

According to Scope, all wheels are hand-made in-house, and feature the brand’s own hub design. 

Here’s a little shout-out to Scope, along with a short ditty about the brand.



After ending our cycling careers in 2011 we were shocked! Without the support of sponsors it looked almost impossible to have the right qualitative materials we were used to. We realized that the high sales prices of high-end bikes and –components make them unpayable for many enthusiastic cyclists like ourselves. This was the moment where we decided to combine our experience and passion for cycling with our knowledge of supply chain management to make high-end cycling components with a sleek and elegant design accessible to enthusiastic cyclists.

After more than 350 races and 200.000 of kilometers on the bike we from Scope Cycling know how important quality and durability are. Therefore all Scope Cycling products are developed via our in-house Research & Development (R&D) department. Scope Cycling does not follow the current standards in the industry; instead we set the new standard. Developing cutting-edge test machines and extensive test procedures, Scope Cycling has succeeded to create durable and qualitative industry leading products. Although innovation often is associated with product technology, for Scope Cycling innovation is broader. By using cross-industry best practices, all processes conducted by Scope are effective and efficient. As a result, Scope Cycling is able to offer high-end cycling components developed by the best engineers and made out of premium materials for an attractive price.

Although we ended our sportive careers some time ago, we still have the mentality of an athlete: Winners have a plan, losers an excuse. Therefore Scope Cycling: No Excuse.


At 1.380 grams the Scope R3c is a real lightweight. Because of its low weight, the R3c is very accelerative and perfect for the mountains. Extensive engineering and the use of high-end materials ensure that the R3c is not only light but also durable. The wide low profile rim of the R3c even provides comfort on the cobble stones. Hence, in courses with a lot of corners, mountains or rough roads the R3c is a true competitive advantage.


The advanced full carbon clincher rims of the R3c are mainly build up from Unidirectional (UD) carbon providing stiffness and vibration damping. In addition, certain sections such as 
the nipple section and tire bed are made out of 3K-carbon making the rim robust.


The braking surface of the rim is build up out of special fibers and resin to enable extreme braking. The rims can handle an industry leading braking power of 1.300W without causing heat-related issues. In addition the special compound braking pads offer powerful and dosable braking.


The unique rim shape developed by Scope of 24 mm wide and 30 mm height provide outstanding aerodynamics. Besides, the wideness of the rim ensures low roll-resistance and comfort for the rider.

Developed as a system



Since durability is key-issue for Scope, first-class industry bearings are used to minimize rolling resistance and maximize durability. The hardness of the reinforced AL7075 free hub prevents the cassette from biting into the body.


The patented engagement system of 120 tooth’s makes sure that each pedal stroke is fully converted into speed.


The industry leading extra wide flange distance in the front- and rear hub provide the Scope wheels with a superior lateral stiffness.


An unique feature of the Scope rear wheel is the equal spoke tension between the drive- and non-drive sides which is supported by the 2:1 spoke pattern.


Scope wheels are made to be used in any condition at any time. The best materials, superior engineering and the craftsmanship of professional wheel builders ensure optimal performance and durability. Scope Cycling does not provide you a wheel but the perfect ride experience. In case anything happens with your Scope Cycling product, we will service it rapidly. You won’t miss any opportunity to ride your bike with our service and 2-year warranty.




The Scope R4c is the wheel that can do it all. With 1.465 grams it’s light enough for serious climbing while the 45 mm high aerodynamic rims provide adequate aerodynamics. Furthermore, as a result of the shape of the rim the R4c is insensible for cross winds. This is the wheel with which you can win a time-trail, bunch sprint and on a steep climb.


The main objective of the Scope R5c is to build up and maintain high-speeds. The 24 mm width and 55 mm high rim provides excellent aerodynamics, saving a significant amount of watts. In addition the R5c is extremely stiff, making it ideal for sprints where the bike is pushed to the limit. Contrary to what one might think, the R5c can also be used in cross winds due to the wide U-shape of the rim. Above all the R5c just looks great and is a real eye-catcher.

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