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Silca NFS Pro Chain Lube

                           SILCA NFS PRO CHAIN LUBE

​Everything coming from Silca these days, seems to bring a new meaning to the term artisan. Such is the case with the brand’s new NFS Pro Chain Lube.

According to Silca, their new "magical" lube has been formulated specially for them by NFS, which offers a level of lubrication, quiet operation and durability that’s unsurpassed. 

Off the record, we’re hearing that its origins can be traced all the way back to Saint Francis of Assisi. Now that’s Italian.    😉 


Pro Mechanic’s Handmade/Artisan Chainlube: Now Available

I was motivated to contact the fine folks at NFS after hearing about their ‘magic chain lube’ through numerous pro mechanics, teams, athletes, frame builders and others.  It felt like all of a sudden there was this amazing secret being shared amongst a very elite group of professionals who’s jobs it was to build and maintain bicycles at the highest levels.


The word on the street was that they had ‘discovered’ this phenomenal lube that ran smoothly, silently, and most interestingly had unmatched durability even in there worst conditions.  Pro teams were using the stuff and reporting silent and smooth running chains after 7 hour grand tour stages in the rain, and the stuff was spreading through professional cyclocross at an amazing rate.  Late last spring I contacted NFS and we began working on a custom formulation for SILCA.  After months of work, we have a product that we can truly say perfectly blends the brand values and ethos of both SILCA and NFS.  Passion. Precision. Performance (Durability, Longevity!)

Sold in 2oz flip-top drip bottle.  2oz of NFS-Pro lube are equivalent to 8-10oz of traditional lube due to the unique application of NFS-PRO

12-12-12 Method

This unique lube requires a very unique lubrication protocol we call 12-12-12.  Everybody tells us this method sounds and seems crazy, but trust us, it WORKS.  Beginning with a clean, dry chain.  Put the chain in the 12 tooth cog and big ring.  Apply 12 drops at random around the chain, and then cycle the drivetrain backwards for 12 revolutions.  Use a clean dry rag on the lower side of the chain and cycle backward another time or two to remove any excess.  

Each batch of NFS-Pro is hand mixed using precision lab equipment in the USA.  There are certainly less expensive lubes on the market, but none that can match the combined features of longevity, durability, and efficiency of this one.

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