- - Six Days of Ghent 2014 Day 2

Six Days of Ghent 2014 Day 2

After the second night of racing at this year’s Six-Days of Ghent, Jasper de Buyst and Kenny De Ketele extended their lead. However, three pairs of rivals still share the same lap as the Belgian duo. 

At this point, Buyst and Ketele have racked up 158 points, with Iljo Keisse and Mark Cavedmish scoring 113 points to move up into second place.

Meanwhile, Alex Rasmussen and Marc Hester are in third spot with 103 points, followed by the duo of Leif Lampater and Silvan Dillier with 100 points. 

Otto Vergaerde and Nick Stöpler are one lap behind with 86 points.  

In the secondary races, Jasper de Buyst and Kenny De Ketele won the points race – surpassing the 100 point mark, and earning a bonus lap.

In addition, the leaders also won the 6 lap time trial event – with a tally of 114 points. 

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In the meantime, Lampater / Dillier, Rasmussen / Hester, Keisse / Cavendish and Vergaerde / Stopler – finished one lap behind. 

However, the madison was won by Cavendish, who beat de Buyst and Hester in a sprint.

Overall standings:

1.  Jasper de Buyst/Kenny De Ketele 158 pt
2.  Mark Cavendish/Iljo Keisse 113 pt
3.  Alex Rasmussen/Marc Hester 103 pt
4.  Leif Lampater/Silvan Dillier 100 pt
5.  Nick Stöpler/Otto Vergaerde 86 pt +1 lap
6.  Moreno De Pauw/Christian Grasmann 57 pt +2 laps
7.  Albert Torres/David Muntaner 40 pt +2 laps
8.  Glenn O’Shea/Shane Arhbold 90 pt +3 laps
9.  Morgan Kneisky/Vivien Brisse 31 pt +5 laps
10.  Ivan Savitsky/Viktor Manakov 47 pt +7 laps
11.  Michael Vingerling/Yoeri Havik 34 pt +8 laps
12.  Andreas Müller/Lucas Liss 8pt +9 laps
13.  Melvin van Zijl/Didier Caspers 3pt +9 laps

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