- - Skratch Labs Offers Cookie Mix

Skratch Labs Offers Cookie Mix

With the holidays behinds us, perhaps its ok to unleash the temptation for a cookie now. Particularly, if its one made from good stuff. 

Indeed, starting January 15th, the sports nutritionist gurus at Skratch Labs will be offering their own special cookie mix.  And, while its not gluten-free, which can be a factor for some, for the most part the mix consists of good ingredients – that are consistent with most high quality energy bars on the market. 

All that’s needed to make up a 9×9 inch pan, is one egg and a stick of butter. And, you can add in your favorite fruit, nuts, chocolate chips or anything else you desire. 

Ride hard and enjoy, but don’t let Bill Cosby offer you any cappuccino to go with them.  😛


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