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Spark Pro Motion Analysis Phone App

For those who are serious about their training, there’s a new app bringing athletic coaching into the cloud computing era. The Spark Motion app allows coaches and users to harness an iPad’s potential to help maximize their performance. 
About Spark Motion
Spark Motion is a leader in motion analysis technology on the mobile platform. Spark Motion was built out of necessity by performance and healthcare professionals in the field who knew there was a better way to work with athletes and patients using the latest tablet technology. The Spark Pro app with Cloud by Spark Motion is the only mobile motion analysis system specifically designed to be powerful enough for industry leading professionals and organizations, yet accessible to all performance coaches, trainers and medical practitioners.

David W. Gottfeld CAFS, FAFS, MATS



Dave, founder and President of Spark Motion, quickly realized that traditional schools were not designed for visual tactile learners like him. In recognizing that clients and patients really want to be successful, Dave started collaborating with others, the soon to be Spark Motion co-founders, to address issues of how people interpret information. The solution eventually evolved into a motion analysis app and company originally called Kinesio Capture, but today is known as Spark Motion. Dave is an injury prevention and post rehab specialist that has worked with athletes and clients for nearly 20 years. He has been on an educational journey where he sought out and studied under many of the greatest minds in the fields on biomechanics, and injury prevention. From Greg Roskopf (founder of Muscle Activation Techniques, biomechanics consultant for Denver Broncos and Utah Jazz), Gary Gray (internationally acclaimed physical therapist- "The Father of Functional Training") and Lenny Parracino (specialist in the treatment of soft tissue injuries). Dave’s years of experience in human motion in addition to his collaboration with his co-founders were the perfect storm for the creation of Spark Motion.

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