- - Scribe Introduces New SL Range of Wheels

Scribe Introduces New SL Range of Wheels

Scribe has introduced its latest range of wheels dubbed the SL (think Superlight), new variants to the Irish brand’s existing Core and Elan series that carry less weight while also retaining the same aerodynamic signature.

“Our primary goal was to reduce weight, in which the carbon material and resin utilization has been optimized while the integrity of rim remains uncompromised – alongside the aerodynamic advantage they offer,” says Scribe.

According to Scribe, the wheels feature a new advanced T1000 carbon fiber resin system and a revised carbon layup, while the Core SL relies on Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes, the Elan SL is laced with carbon aero spokes. However, both wheels spin on Scribe’s ratchet hub system.

Regarding weight, Scribe says the 40mm version of the Core SL tips the scales at 1,314g, while the equivalent Elan SL weighs in at 1,242g.

How well do the wheels cheat the wind?

“All models, even our Core SL 40, showed less drag with a 25mm tire up to approximately 10° of yaw angle; and the 50 SL and 60 SL showed significant aero gains when compared to the Roval. As most riders fall within a 2-12° yaw window, the new SL range is right on the money for those aero gains,” claims Scribe.

To meet these aerodynamic gains, Scribe recommends running a 25mm tire up, along with a 28mm at the rear to best balance out the wheel’s aero advantage and comfort.

The Core SL and Elan SL are available in three depths, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm, which sell for £999 and £1,399, respectively, regardless of the depth.

Additionally, all SL models come with Scribe’s lifetime crash replacement and a three-year warranty, as well as its ReGeneration program, allowing customers to trade in their wheels towards a new set at a 40% discount. 






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