- - Strange Cycling Gear for 2014

Strange Cycling Gear for 2014

The Full Body Kit Suit 

In our never ending pursuit to find the best and most unique products the cycling industry has to offer, we often come across somer oddities.

However, rather than simply dismiss them as just that, we try to find value in their design. Yeah, right !  😆 

1. The Full Body Knit Suit:

Full Body Knit Suit may very well prove to be first and last word in compression wear. And, not surprisingly, given the rise in women’s cycling, the brand now has it’s own "hers" model.

The Privacy Scarf

2. The Privacy Scarf:

Want to shield your competitors from seeing your post workout data, or Strava results, then the Privacy Scarf is the perfect defense.  


The Kush Support 

3. The Kush Support:

Adding protection from those dreaded cyclocross barriers is all that we can think of with this one ? 

The Electrical Face Mask 

4. The Electrical Facial Mask:

Facial expressions can be a dead give-away to the competition. By using the Electrical Facial Mask stimulator, cyclists can gain control over their facial muscles and never let their rivals know what they’re thinking. That means no more tell-tale facial expressions just before an "attack".  By the way, Bruce Jenner has used one for years.  

Lance should probably take some tips from Bruce.


The Speedfit 

5. The Speedfit:

Needless to say, cross training is vital to any serious triathlete’s training regimen. However, there are times when the running path or sidewalk is too inundated with traffic. Triathlete’s can take solace in the fact, that the Speedfit can take their training to new roads – literally.


6. Aspray:

The company’s ditty says, "deodorant that can be used anywhere that may emit an odor. This includes your feet, armpits, butts and those unmentionable areas. Use it anytime and anywhere".  Were’re told it works on getting the stank out of handlebar tape too.  

Honorable Mention

While the UCI continues to institute all sorts of requirements regarding equipment approval, it’s just a matter of time before the governing body takes up the task of sanctioning the whole cycling beard thing. And, given the impulsiveness the UCI has demonstrated in the past, this could very well happen in the amidst of a "tour". With that in mind, team cars would be wise to stash a Flowbee or two amongst the tubulars and bidons. 

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