- - Strava Launches 'Prove It' Challenge Campaign

Strava Launches 'Prove It' Challenge Campaign

The increasingly popular training app, Strava, has launched a new campaign this month called –  ‘Prove It’.  The campaign challenges cyclists to reach distance targets during the month of January.  The objective is for the cyclist to set a goal for the month and try to stay consistent without missing rides. 

To stay motivated, Strava has set four digital milestone achievement badges that you can earn. They start at 94 miles (150km) – all the way up to 376 miles (600km). If a cyclist reaches the 600km milestone – he or she will be eligible to buy a Prove It Challenge T-shirt.

Strava is also challenging users to collectively surpass the previous months record of 46,453,244km (28,864,708 miles).

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