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Strava Updates Mobile App

Prove it to Yourself: Set a Weekly Goal

Athletes set goals, it’s what we do. They provide something to strive for, motivation to work towards and help keep us on track. Goals come in all forms and the best part about them is they are personal. While one athlete might aim for a personal best in a marathon, someone else might want to shoot for a certain distance or workout time each week.

No goal is too big or small. We’ve found that Strava athletes who set goals train twice as much as athletes who don’t. Goal setting is a big part of the athlete journey and is something that has been available on Now you can access goals on mobile too.

With the latest update to our mobile app, you can set weekly goals and track your progress on the go. Simply input the distance or time you aim to achieve on a weekly basis for cycling and/or running. You’ll see the below screen which shows how much progress you’ve made towards your weekly goal. The dial moves clockwise with each activity until complete. We know that training changes and goals may vary over each season, so you can easily change these week to week.

Seeing these goals and your progress every day can keep you accountable and encourage you to go that extra thirty minutes or ten kilometers to finish off the week. Making these visible to your friends and followers also allows them to support your efforts and push you along the way. But there’s nothing more motivating than proving it to yourself.

We’ve also given the profile page a major overhaul to better visualize the effort you put in. You can see the following information all in one place: daily volume bar chart, weekly progress dial and 12-week trend line. We believe each of these elements contribute to giving a better understanding of how you are building your training at the daily and weekly levels.

On you can view your Goal progress in 3 places: “This Week” in the right hand column on the dashboard, your profile page, and on the updated goals page.

Weekly goals are one of the most popular Premium membership features and have proven to add motivation to training routines. Go Premium today and set a time or distance goal to stay motivated and take your training up a notch.

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