- - Sufferfest: ‘The Rookie’ Training Video

Sufferfest: ‘The Rookie’ Training Video

Sufferfest has released their latest video, ‘The Rookie’, which features  Team Giant-Shimano on-bike camera footage from this year’s Tour of California and Tour of Switzerland, putting users right in the action.

“Through our partnership with Team Giant-Shimano, one of the best teams in the world, we’ve crafted a story-line that feels more like a cinema film than a training video,” says Sufferfest CEO David McQuillen.  “The viewer is cast in the role of a promising Sufferlandrian who, having won the Tour of Sufferlandria in spectacular fashion, is given a chance to try-out with the team.  They’re then thrown into the heart of the peloton as it races its way through various stages of this year’s Tour of California and Tour de Suisse. The on-bike camera footage is simply incredible.”

With the throes of winter right round the corner, many cyclists turn to their indoor trainer as means of keeping up their form and targeting specific training goals over the dormant months. Checkout  Sufferfest’s training videos as a source for motivation and challenging workouts.

The Rookie 


You’ve been riding well. So well, that your dramatic victory in the Tour of Sufferlandria caught the attention of UCI World Tour team Giant-Shimano. They’ve invited you to try-out with their team with the opportunity to turn pro. Over the course of 55 minutes, you’ll need to handle everything the team – and those you’re battling against – throw at you.

Featuring, for the first time anywhere, dramatic on-bike camera footage from within the professional cycling peloton, The Rookie takes you through Team Giant-Shimano’s training camp and then gives you specific jobs to complete over the course of three, 10-minute race simulation intervals featuring footage from the Tour of California and Tour of Switzerland. Can you keep your leader at the front and impress the team enough to earn your own own chance for HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY?


Another professional workout by elite coach Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching in Boulder, CO, USA. The Rookie, which lasts 55 minutes, is a race simulation based on 3 x 10 minute intervals. It’s perfect for developing the strength, speed and endurance necessary for handling those criticial ‘crunch time’ moments in races. The full 55 minute workout is:

  • Warm-up: 9:00
  • Recover: 2:00
  • Race – Part 1: 10:00
  • Recover: 3:30
  • Race – Part 2: 10:00
  • Recover: 3:00
  • Race – Part 3: 10:00
  • Cool-Down: 4:00

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