- - TRANART: A Mural for a Transsexual's Bicycle Shop

TRANART: A Mural for a Transsexual's Bicycle Shop


Let me preface my humor by first saying, I’ve always held the belief that all individuals are entitled to the same rights and privileges, regardless of race, color, creed, gender or sexual preference. But, holy Priscilla Queen of the Dessert all over the place ! A transsexual bike shop might be just a little too over the top for some. However, one bike shop owner feels otherwise.

Thank you to everyone who pledged! 

You are the Best. I fell short of my goal but am still going to have a mural painted on the wall, which will include EVERYONE’S name who pledged. I’m also going to mail "thank you"s with certificates for the tune-ups and rental bikes to those who pledged for those. And finally, for anyone who pledged enough for the Unveiling Party, you can stop by for your own private party whenever you’d like – check out the mural and then we’ll go next door to the Treasure Island Bar & Grill and my treat for you and 3 of your friends (I’ll mail you details). 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you! I sincerely appreciate your help.

Hugs and Smiles,


TRANART celebrates life. TRANART transforms ordinary to beautiful. TRANART ensures that qualified persons, regardless of their gender expression, have an opportunity to be employed. 

I have been granted permission by the City of San Francisco to have colorful murals painted on the inside walls of Building One (where my bike shop is). This building has been designated as historic by the State of California, it can not be torn down. The murals will be protected from weather and vandalism; they will be seen and enjoyed for many generations to come.

I have been introduced to 2 talented mural artists, Carla Falkner and Louis Chinn. They are ready to share their passion. The funds raised are going to buy the artists’ specific paints and supplies for this project, to compensation of the artiists for their talent and time (including the videographer Josh Guerci), and for buying the necessities to fulfill payment of GOODS.

Supporting this project allows Carla and Louis to paint beautiful murals that are going to be seen for many, many years. While at the same time, benefiting my bike shop and thereby providing qualified transmen and transwomen with a place where they will get hired.

Bring on Geraldine !

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