- - Team Astana Emphasizes Acupuncture

Team Astana Emphasizes Acupuncture

Team Astana’s physiotherapist, Eddy De Smedt, emphasizes the use of acupuncture as being one of the key ingredients for his team’s success in this year’s Tour de France – especially for Vincenzo Nibali.

“Pain was something that I wanted to know more about and so I came into the section of acupuncture,” De Smedt said.

According to De Smedt, prior to adopting acupuncture,  Astana riders were more familiar with other forms of treatment such as sport therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractics. However, this season, he decided to introduce acupuncture to them as an alternative form of recovery treatment.

“The two goals that we are trying to integrate in one treatment are recuperation and relaxation. They tried it and the reactions have been positive.” 

As a result, De Smedt formalized a program that would help his riders with recovery and rehabilitation; particularly after challenging stages races like those of the Tour de France.

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