- - The ECHO H2 Sensor

The ECHO H2 Sensor

Kenzen has taken to IndieGoGo to help launch their new ECHO H2 bio-sensor, that can measure key training metrics like hydration, lactate and calories burned.

The ECHO H2 is essentially a reusable brain-patch that adheres to an athlete’s skin, which in turn, can analyze such critical data as electrolyte, pH, lactic acid and glucose levels via sweat. The information is then sent via Bluetooth to an app on the user’s phone, or other smart device, and let’s them  know what their energy stores are, and whether to push harder or ease off. 

In addition, the ECHO H2 has a host of features that can also measure heart rate, heart rate variability, acceleration, and more. Furthermore, there are gyroscopic and 3D motion sensors embedded in the brain, which are design to work with future with apps that will allow cyclists to monitor and optimize their  pedaling and position on the bike. 

Check out both Kenzen’s website and their crowd funding campaign. 

Wirelessly monitor your hydration, lactic acid and glucose levels using a small, disposable patch.


Train on another level

Meet ECHO™ H2, the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled smart patch that 
continuously monitors hydration, lactic acid and glucose concentration – 
all from a single drop of sweat. You’ll be able to:


Take the sports lab with you

Get the information pro athletes use, without the treadmill and blood tests.

ECHO H2 uses advanced sweat analysis methods to monitor your hydration, lactic acid and glucose levels in real-time. Individually sealed sensors are ready when you need them. 


Balance your water levels

Proper hydration regulates your body temperature, delivers oxygen and helps transport nutrients to your muscles. Go beyond the "8 glasses per day" rule by monitoring your own personal hydration levels with ECHO H2. Balance your water intake and experience gains in performance while reducing fatigue. H2 will even tell you if your body needs pure water or an electrolyte-based sports drink.    

Lactic Acid

Efficiently tap stored energy

Lactic acid is an energy source stored within your muscles. It releases naturally during exercise, but its over-accumulation in your blood can cause muscle strain or injury. Maximize your energy reserves and discover your personal training zones. 


Measure true calorie intake and burn

Not to be confused with blood sugar, analyzing glucose concentration in sweat is a clinical method for calculating metabolic rate (calorie processing) in athletes. ECHO H2 uses a biochemical process to provide anyone accurate calorie counts, without the lab and treadmill. Please note, ECHO H2 is NOT approved for diabetic glucose monitoring. 

"Most people are unaware of the effect of changing conditions on hydration, and of the effect of hydration on performance. At altitudes above 6000 feet, individuals exhale and perspire approximately twice as much water as at sea level." 

Dr. Michael C. Willis, MD 

Go where others can’t

H2 Sensors comfortably adhere to the abdomen or calf, two locations known for highly accurate and reliable sweat analysis. 

Using ECHO H2 is a snap

Pop ECHO into the window on the H2 sensor, and remove the protective backing. Adhere to your calf or abdomen, and long-press the device to power-on. The Kenzen mobile app will sync and begin monitoring immediately. Wear the sensor continuously, or intermittently, for up to one week. 


For all activity levels

Not training for a marathon? There are plenty of everyday situations where ECHO H2 would come in handy. Imagine yourself in… 


Powered by Kenzen ECHO

H2 includes the continuous monitoring technology of ECHO, Kenzen’s universal health monitor and mobile app. ECHO exceeds the functionality of the world’s best fitness trackers, with extreme accuracy: 

ECHO works as a standalone health monitor, and integrates with all future Kenzen products. Unlike other activity trackers, you’ll be able to connect more than one ECHO for advanced 3D motion, form, posture and gait analysis.

Our universal monitor ships with a wide range of sensor capabilities. Our users will be able to customize their experience by unlocking only the suite of measurements they need, via in-app purchases. Our backers will receive all of these measurements for FREE.

Why yes, it is rocket science

ECHO is based on groundbreaking technology developed for aerospace and medical research in Switzerland. It’s a pioneering example of the latest advance in personal health wearables. And all that brainpower lets you make your critical training and competition decisions in real time, when it matters most. 

Kenzen Mobile App

Once H2 is connected, the Kenzen mobile app will auto-enable unique hydration and energy endurance modes. In development now for iOS®, Android® and Windows Phone®.

  • Learn your limits and monitor levels
  • Personalize alerts & notifications
  • Unlock custom reporting & functionality* 
  • Wireless sync on multiple devices 
  • Export your data to other fitness apps 
*All campaign backers who order ECHO H2 will receive a fully unlocked version of our mobile app with advanced reporting and functionality!


In the box

The Kenzen H2 bundle includes:

  • Kenzen ECHO Universal Health Monitor
  • Kenzen ECHO H2 Sensor pack(s), 20-count
  • Kenzen ECHO USB charging cradle
  • Kenzen mobile app (coming soon to your app store) 

H2 Sensor Features

  • Biochemically analyzes hydration, lactic acid and glucose 
  • Non-allergenic printed EC sensor
  • Patented channel-based sweat analysis
  • Continuous or multi-use wear, up to one week Eco-friendly disposable

ECHO Monitor Features

  • Capacitive charging, up to 2 weeks runtime 
  • BTLE wireless sync
  • Vibration alert
  • LED status indicator
  • Durable polymer

Product Specifications

  • Monitor dimensions: 18mm x 18mm x 5mm 
  • H2 Sensor dimensions: 40mm x 20mm x 1mm 
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Waterproof to 5 meters 
Development Progress

Over seven years of research and development in the making, and we’re only months away from activating our manufacturing line. Take a look at how far we’ve come: 

Monitor & Smart Patch sketches

Initial Monitor & Smart Patch design

Monitor & Smart Patch prototype, 200% finished size 

Final Monitor & Smart Patch design  

Lab results: Motion Tracking & Lactic Acid 

Remaining Development Timeline 

  • Dec 2014: Product integration 
  • Dec 2014: Size reduction 
  • Jan 2015: Prototype per product design specs
  • Jan 2015: Mobile app development 
  • Feb 2015: Manufacturing
  • July 2015: Product begins shipping 

With your support, we will begin manufacturing in February with initial ECHO H2 units reaching our early backers in July 2015.  

Meet our team

We’re a dedicated group with a deep background in wearable technology, medical devices, sports medicine and design. We believe in "technology with a purpose." This mantra drives our passion to develop smart, accurate and simple solutions.  

Risks and challenges

ECHO H2 uses miniature components and advanced Bluetooth® Low Energy (BTLE) technology. We are currently performing system integration between these two sets of components. Final integration of the components in the device could delay launch.

We currently have a single supplier. To minimize the potential impact that a single supply source may have on our ability to scale up production, we will be securing additional supply sources and manufacturing capabilities.

Our final steps before manufacture and delivery of products require materials sampling for the best adhesive and review of alternative designs to provide a wider range of wear options for our users. This step will require iterative testing with our target consumers.

Kenzen’s team has extensive experience in product development, design and manufacturing. We have manufacturing SOPs, testing procedures and bill of materials well defined. We believe that we will start shipping The ECHO H2 to our supporters in July 2015.

Kenzen team is committed to making ECHO an exceptional product with superior customer experience. Thank you very much for your support!

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