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The Halfbike

Most people not only look at a bike as a form of transportation or recreation, but as a work of art as well. Why not have it look like an easel then ?

Indeed, that’s how the young, creative minds of Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov felt when they designed the Halfbike. 

According to them:

"The Halfbike is a new kind of personal vehicle that brings joy back to urban mobility. Its combination of cycling and smooth assisted running provides a remarkably quick and fun way to move around the city. Halfbike is suitable for commuting short distances and small enough to take onboard public transport for longer trips. It’s great for both recreation and exercise. It is light and compact and its innovative rider position gives you a new perspective on the city. The pure joy of riding that it brings will motivate you to go out and have some fun. Just feel the ride and follow your body."

While the bike is not practical for anything more than a few miles, it does however, provide an interesting alternative to getting around a metropolitan setting in a simple and efficient way. Besides, it’s way cool !

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