- - The MORGAW Suspension Saddle

The MORGAW Suspension Saddle


They accomplish this by incorporating two elastomers into the design of the rails, that in turn interface with the base of the saddle. The elastomers are available in three densities which are based on the weight of the rider.

– Soft 40kg – 70kg (88-154lb)
– Medium 70kg – 85kg (154 to 187lb)
– Hard 85kg -100kg (187-220lb)

The elastomers/rail configuration is available in both uni-directional carbon and forged T6 aluminum, along with a choices of ten colors – with saddle cover available black, white, or silver. Interesting science indeed. Hopefully their efforts will be brought to fruition through their current Indiegogo campaign.

" MORGAW seats embody the the needs of  sport & professional riders."

If you ask active riders ( road/mtb/enduro) what are they expecting from their saddle,usually you get a simple answer : " Comfort, light weight & the possibility of changing rails." Secondary responses are based around non-slip seat surface & compatibility. Their answers were not a big surprise to us as our team is built up from passionate riders who understand current issues with traditional saddle designs.

After extensive testing of standard saddles we came to the conclusion that the structure of standard saddles is very limited & does not allow other specific adaptations. Upon completion of our study program we began experimentation with new saddle structural designs & material compositions that could potentially unite the individual needs of riders from all categories on one platform. 

Brand story

MORGAW® seats was established in 2008, founded by longtime friends Martin Moravcik (Slovakia) and Slawek Gawlik (Poland). Both of us, Martin & Slawek are former MTB pro riders. Since 2010 we have been producing ultra-light full carbon saddles (weight totaling 100 grams foam core with leather covering) from our small production facility in Slovakia.

From our customer service, manufacturing & riding experience, we have identified key deficiencies in design elements. By late 2010 our core focus shifted to New Product Development (NPD), concentrating on revolutionary compositions.

Since 2011 we started development on a new design which could potentially eliminate saddle deficiencies while at the same time met the needs of professional & active riders.

MORGAW® is a European company, head office based in Slovakia where all research & design innovations are developed with our international office based in Taiwan with our manufacturing facility.


The essential characteristics for a performance seat are comfort & light weight. Achieving comfort in the racing category for saddles wasn’t an easy task at all. The basic elements of comfort reside in ergonomic contour design, saddle width, foam density & shock absorption. 

Throughout our teams extensive testing & observations, we were able to identify another key element that allowed light movement in the saddle, making it more responsive to the rider’s body movement.

Within our design we have developed a revolutionary patented saddle with a unique & self – supporting platform, which is based on shock absorbers.

The shock absorbers are high demanding in terms of the possibility to adapt various density suited to the weight of the rider, light weight saddle which creates riding comfort, stability & reliability.This unique platform combined with shock absorbers allows the saddle to be divided into two self – supporting entities: seat & undercarriage .The design has opened a new structure of possibilities which allow us to incorporate the key performance characteristics into our saddle. Shock absorbers will be sold in three stifnesses categories which are based on riders weight & compatibility. Soft 40kg – 70kg, Medium 70kg – 85kg & Hard 85kg -100kg.

Active & professional riders understand the issues of crooked, cracked & broken rails, especially with carbon material. For conventional seats these issues often render the saddle useless & in many cases, expensive functional seats are discarded due to damaged rails. MORGAW® seat designs allow the rider to exchange every component when you need & as often as you like, including rails. All components will be available to buy as separate spare parts.

A key aspect of MORGAW® saddles functionality is compatibility & customization. Our patented design allows for MORGAW®i nterchangeable seats to be fitted to the same platform of rails & shock absorbers. With four (4)screws you may change the entire saddle for a different ergonomic design & shape without loosening the rails from the seat post. In practicality this means you can replace damaged saddles or alternatively swap the seat more efficiently while rails & shock absorbers remain intact. The seat component itself will be available in a very convenient price structure, same as the rails & other key components.

Aside from technical innovation we concentrated on achieving simplistic & stylish  design elements that were easily customized to accommodate his or hers color taste. You can futher customize your seat with the accessory color kit which will be available in ten (10) different colors.

MORGAW® saddles first release will be available in three skin color options: Black, White & Silver. Each seat has a specially designed non slip grip ,lightly embossed pattern created for additional hold in rainy conditions & is gentle to your lycra cycling shorts for road bike cyclists. 

All saddle designs by MORGAW® have passed EN tests & criteria. Your  MORGAW® saddle & products will be authenticated with EN certificate.

Background funding of our project

In the very beginning our project has been financed from our own private money & with assistance from our relatives. As our project expanded & evolved to it’s current position the demand for greater funding increased. At this point we have secured private financial investors that have allowed our team in Taiwan to finalize the production developments & implementation of initial prototyping.

Our final stage now is mass production which requires further funding. Therefore, we turn to you through with a request to continue supporting our project.


Our project is split into three (3) following stages:

1st Stage: Development of saddle platform – completed.

2nd Stage: Implementation of product to mass production & sales strategizing – current 

3rd Stage: a, Expand MORGAW® racing saddle collection

  bLaunch City bike & Kids bike saddle collections into market

  c, Include full carbon saddles into our product range (carbon corpus)

  d, Finalize development of applications that evaluate real time riding (RTR) using compatible systems for android & iOS. Sequential sensors strategically positioned within the saddle transfers weight & distribution data of the rider via Bluetooth to your MORGAW® app on smartphone & tablet devices, evaluating precise body movement, shock absorption, etc. , recommending future refinements in saddle selection within the MORGAW® saddle products.

Prototype stage:

MORGAW® saddles & seat posts have currently undergone a three (3) year development program. Recent analysis of MORGAW® saddles & seatposts has been conducted via laboratory testing while simultaneous field testing has been initiated with professional & active riders (road, mtb, enduro). Production of EVO OVAL™ rails (carbon & AL 2014 – T6 materials) & shock absorbers have passed extensive EN tests & demanding field testing carried out by professional athletes. The performance results certify our products are ready for mass production.


Prototype samples are currently being implemented into mass production with outstanding results. Current forecasts & modeling indicates we are progressing to plan.

Delivery time:

Our aim is to meet our target deadline & deliver the first batch of our products on schedule (late March 2014). Keeping our contributors updated for project completion & notification for project extension will be provided immediately upon request.


·  MORGAW® saddles offer a two (2) year manufacturing warranty for defective materials & workmanship.

·  The customer is responsible for returns expenses to MORGAW® .

·  All claims will be reviewed by an experienced MORGAW® representative where the representative

   reserves all rights in determining improper use & subsequent damages caused by the owner / user.

·  In the result that a warranty claim is accepted the MORGAW® product will be repaired or replaced at the

   expense of MORGAW® including return delivery.

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