- - The Peloton Bike: Live On-demand Indoor Cycling Classes

The Peloton Bike: Live On-demand Indoor Cycling Classes

Designed from the ground up by Peloton in NYC, the Peloton bike merges high-design with modern technology–and there’s nothing else like it. With a near-silent belt drive system and a magnetic resistance flywheel, this bike rides smooth and quiet. And its carbon steel, monocoque construction provides amazing strength and stability all while maintaing the gentle curves that make Peloton a perfect addition to any room in your home.

…but the bike itself is just part of the story. Peloton’s first-in-class 21.5" Full HD, multitouch console connects to your home WIFI to deliver live and on demand studio cycling classes from the best cycling instructors—anytime.

An immersive experience starts with a big, bright, and beautiful screen. That’s why the Peloton bike has a Full HD 1080P LED panel with an all glass multitouch surface and was designed to be totally sweat resistant to withstand the rigors of a high-intensity workout.

Still, it’s what’s behind the screen that makes the Peloton completely unique. A 1.5 GHz dual-core processor from Texas Instruments helps bring you fast HD streaming video. A front facing camera and microphone mean you can interact with friends and encourage one another while you ride. Bluetooth and ANT+ radio allow you to connect heart rate monitors and wireless headphones or speakers. And 802.11 b/g/n WIFI give you the industry’s top internet connection speeds. This is what modern fitness looks like.

Reinventing fitness required paying attention to every detail. Like the resistance knob on your Peloton bike. It fits perfectly in any hand and the rounded dimples around the large-circumference control provide you a stable grip even while you’re dripping sweat.

Your Peloton bike also gives you micro-adjustable seat and handle bar posts. There are no peg holes to line up–just a high-tension system that locks in place exactly where you want it. And while you’re busy getting lost in your Peloton streaming class, you can tilt the screen with a gentle push or pull and it holds firmly in place.

There’s nothing like the motivational power of a group fitness class. A great instructor, the right music and the energy of a crowd moving together all coalesce into an experience you couldn’t get from home–until now.

Peloton offers live streaming and on demand classes from some of the best indoor cycling instructors broadcast direct to your Peloton bike. Connect Peloton’s immersive 21.5" multitouch console to your WIFI and get instant access to great workouts any time you want from the convenience of your home.

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