- - The Transcontinental: London to Istanbul Bike Race

The Transcontinental: London to Istanbul Bike Race

The QuickEnergy Transcontinental will launch from London on 2nd August 2013 and the fastest rider is expected to arrive at the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul inside 2 weeks.

Riders will choose which roads to take and what bushes to sleep in but ‘strategically placed’ checkpoints will set a minimum distance of around 2000 miles and enforce some serious altitude gain. The emphasis is on fast and light so those who leave their spare pants at home will have a clear advantage.

QuickEnergy are presenting the race and it will be staged by The Adventurists in partnership with the 2012 round the world bicycle race winner Mike Hall who will be race chief.

Mike was backed by QuickEnergy on his round the world race and is also a veteran of the Mongol Rally and the Rickshaw Run; both overland adventures created and run by The Adventurists. This is what Mike had to say:

“We want people to be able to grab a bike and just go, no support vehicles, no teams of helpers and no costly logistics or exorbitant entry fees. Just a bike, a map and a vague sense of direction will do, plus living like a hobo is much faster than staying in hotels.”

Rider places will be limited and there will be preparation workshops at The Adventurists’ HQ in the lead up to the race. Entries will open on

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