- - Trek Unveils Boone Cyclocross Series Bikes

Trek Unveils Boone Cyclocross Series Bikes

Following it’s debut at last weekend’s race in Baal, Belgium, Trek has finally unveiled it’s all new range of cyclocross bikes called – Boone. 
After spending considerable time under development, along with input from top cyclocross’rs like Sven Nys and Katie Compton, Trek has created it’s first full line of carbon fiber cyclocross bikes. 
The new bike feature Trek’s revolutionary IsoSpeed decoupler – borrowed from it’s popular Domane line of endurance road bikes. According to Trek, by isolating the top tube at the seat tube, the IsoSpeed design increases the vertical compliance of the frame dramatically – without any negative effect on power transfer. Thus, creating a more seamless ride – leaving the rider racing faster, stronger for longer periods of time. In addition, the adaptation of IsoSpeed for the new Boone not only extols all of the ride qualities that Trek proclaims, but it also creates more room for better "shoulder carrying" in cyclocross.  

Furthermore, Trek claims that the OCLV carbon construction used in the Boone’s frame, together with the company’s ‘Carbon Armor’, make it one of the lightest and strongest cyclocross frames available. Also, the adoption of a new internal battery mount and 3S chain keeper borrowed from the Domane – rule out shifting concerns as they relate to the "elements".

Additionally, the Boone’s geometry was designed in close partnership with Nys and Compton. And, through continuous revisions and refinement, Trek says it’s new ‘cross geometry is fast, powerful, and smooth enough to dominate the most challenging course conditions. World Champion Sven Nys says – "It’s perfect."







Boone is our fastest, smoothest, lightest Cross bike ever, with competition-crushing race geometry, and Trek’s exclusive course-smoothing IsoSpeed technology.

Mud, sweat, tears, triumph. You’ll charge through it all with bigger speed, stronger lines, and more confidence than ever before. Boone is the ultimate Cyclocross superbike.



  1. Smooth IsoSpeed decoupler

    Rough courses are no match for IsoSpeed technology. Our innovative decoupler doubles vertical compliance so you ride stronger, longer.

  2. OCLV Carbon technology

    Ultra lightweight Trek OCLV Carbon with built-in Carbon Armor protection flies over the roughest courses and lives to race another day.

  3. Pure race geometry

    With Katie Compton’s expert input, we’ve tweaked the geometry for a powerful, fast, smooth ride that dominates on the most challenging terrain.

  4. Canti or disc brakes

    All the stopping power you need, just the way you want it: smooth all-weather discs or lightweight cantis.

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