- - URB-E Compact Electric Bicycle

URB-E Compact Electric Bicycle

URB-E Compact Electric Bicycle 


About Us

We are passionate designers, entrepreneurs, engineers and believe disruptive solutions can be sustainable and can scale to the masses. Our Urban Mobility company created Urb-e out of personal needs and experience in researching the problems of urban planning and transportation worldwide.

With 70% of world’s population living in urban cities in 2025, commuters will need more useful options for 1st & last mile problem and today that need is already growing. Current products are expensive, bulky and not easy to use, so we developed Urb-e in January 2013 and built many interations of prototypes, testing with consumers and constantly refining to be better and solve the problem.

We feel that we have created a quality and fun product that people will love and this is just the start…..


Small enough to fit in between your legs, while sitting on a train, bus or car.

Carry On

Our luggage rack enables you to carry your bags while you ride and roll it.

Theft Proof

No need to lock it outside since you can take it anywhere

Charge It

URB-E stations for many applications


Cool LED lights.

20 Mile Range

Our lithium battery can go all day.


Customize the colors you want with our cool sleeve inserts.

Light Weight

Sustainable aluminum material that is light and strong.

Up to 15 mph

Our electric hub motor can go up to 15 mph


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