- - Useeme Bicycle Wristband Turn Signals

Useeme Bicycle Wristband Turn Signals

Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals make your bicycle rides safer by turning your regular hand signals into flashing indicator lights.

There is a motion sensor inside the wristbands which detects your hand movements. The sensor is attached to a microcontroller that continously evaluates sensor data and recognizes the patterns of hand signals. The microcontroller switches flashing LEDs on when you hold your hand out to the side, and off when you put it back on the handle. See it in action!

László NYIRÁDI – inventor
The man with the idea, the driving force behind Useeme. Hobby cyclist, father of two cute girls, he put tremendous work in the project and he’s very excited to see it happen. 

László NYIRÁDI Snr. – plastic molding expert
Father of the inventor, they run a small plastic manufacturing plant together. He knows what is and isn’t possible to make from plastic. It seems everything is possible.

Viktor MAYER – engineer, electronics guru
Our main tech genius, responsible for all the electronics and programming. He draws graphs about your hand signals and feeds them to tiny microcontrollers.

Nikolett NYIRÁDI – customer care, administration
Sister of László, supported him greatly during  development and helped him out of despair with kind words several times. She makes sure your orders are administrated and delivered.

Péter BALLA – marketing, sales, online presence
Husband-to-be of Niki, responsible for all things business. Online marketing expert, he set up our campaign page, website, and works hard to spread the word on the interwebs.

About 4 years ago László’s eldest daughter got her first bicycle and he started to teach her how to ride and stay safe on the road. One day the lesson about hand signals lasted well into sunset, and László realised that the hand signals are not really visible without bright daylight.

The idea was born, a small team was gathered, and development principles were established. We decided that a proper turn signal for cyclists should beportable, easy to use, and visible from any direction.

The breakthrough came when we realized that we should light up the hand signals instead of lighting up something on the bicycle. Hand signals are a standard way of turn signaling, required by law in most countries. 

"Let’s put lights on the hands, add motion sensors, and make the whole thing automatic!" – we thought, and so we did.

Sure it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, it took us three years to design and build Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals. We are now happy with the product we created, and we can’t wait for you to use it.

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