- - Vashon Island's "Bike in a Tree" Vandalized

Vashon Island's "Bike in a Tree" Vandalized

Vashon Island’s famous "bicycle in a tree", has once again become the victim of vandalism – this time being the most damaging. 

According to reports, vandals recently stripped the 60-year-old landmark of its handlebars, front wheel, fork, and fender.

While this is not the first case of vandalism to the iconic bike, it’s by far the most destructive. 

Up until this recent incident, former, local bike shop owner, Jeff Ammon, had replaced the handlebars three times over the years. However, this time, the culprits made off with all but what remains of the frame and back wheel. 

According to legend, a boy left the bike there after being called off to fight in World War I – only never to return.  However, other reports suggest, that a young boy named, Don Puz, received the bike in 1954 as a donation after his house burned down. Puz being embarrassed by the bike’s “tricycle wheels”, hid it in the woods from his mother, and never retrieved it. And, as it leaned against the tree, it later became part of it.

Island officials are now is looking into addressing the issue by erecting a fence around the tree, that would allow visitors to take pictures of the bike, but not touch it. 

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