- - Watteam PowerBeat Add-On Power Meter

Watteam PowerBeat Add-On Power Meter

The premise is simple. The PowerBeat uses a waterproof and rechargeable processing unit, whereby a built-in transmitter is wired to a strain gauge, which in turn independently (right and left) measures the amount of effort put forth into each pedal stroke. 

From there, data is transmitted via dual ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (LE) technology which is relayed from the system’s strain gauges, gyros and accelerometers. 

The PowerBeat can be used with any device (cycling computer or smartphone) that features ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities.  Moreover, Watteam has plans to offer their own app for iOS and Android.

Another feature worth mentioning, is cyclists can transfer the PowerBeat to and from different bikes, by simply adding a set of low-cost sensors. 

At just 24.2g per side, with a suggest retail price of $499, cyclists can rejoice over the fact that they don’t have to spend mega-bucks on a power meter crankset that has the weight equivalent of a boat anchor, in order to get accurate power data. We dig !


A pro level power meter you can afford

  • Works with YOUR crank, YOUR bike

    Imagine a power meter that is fully compatible with your crank arm – whatever the year or brand, whether carbon or aluminum. Simply attach Watteam PowerBeat to your crank and you’re good to go. Small and non-intrusive, it keeps your bike just the way you like it – no compromises.

  • Delivers both left and right data

    Kick your training up a notch with the precise output of each leg. Our patented power meter technology can provide direct force measurements for each leg, eliminating all guesswork – so you always know your exact state of fitness at any time.

  • So light you’ll never know it’s there

    Weighing just 24 grams on each side, Watteam PowerBeat is one of the lightest power meters you can find. Whether training or racing you’re going to love the way it rides – when you actually remember it’s there.

  • Proven technology

    Our patented sensor mechanism contains complex strain gauges, accelerators and gyros – all of the ingredients that make today’s power meter technologies so great. It closely tracks your crank, delivering its information to our patented algorithm – which then provides you with your normalized, average and maximum power, along with your exact cadence.

  • Universal software compatibility

    You can download free apps from the Apple App Store or from Google Play for Android, and use Watteam PowerBeat on your Smartphone or cycling computer via ANT, or via Bluetooth low energy (BLE) on your Smartphone.

  • Consumes less power

    Watteam PowerBeat uses a 3.6 volt battery supplying 360 hours of life. When the time comes to change the battery, you just pop in a new one and hit the road.

  • Easy to install, easy to use

    Installing and calibrating your Watteam PowerBeat is simple. We’ll even walk you through it, using our specially made YouTube videos and manuals. Installation can be done virtually anywhere – from your workshop to your living room. No need to find a dealer or authorized mechanic.

  • Built to withstand the elements

    Durability counts, and with a built-in temperature compensation mechanism, Watteam PowerBeat delivers reliable and consistent data under all conditions.

  • Full support – always there for you

    Once you own a Watteam PowerBeat meter you become part of the family – any questions or concerns will be met with the highest level of service


Here at Watteam, we’re cyclists first and foremost, and from the beginning we set out to create a pro-level power meter at a game-changing retail price. In addition to cost, we focused on what is really important to riders: freedom of choice, accuracy, weight, durability, comfort and design. Watteam PowerBeat is made with the dedication and love for cycling that only a rider can bring.

Watteam PowerBeat. Priced at just $499, it’s a truly affordable power meter that allows your bike to remain fully intact – just the way you like it.

Proven technology – with a twist

Watteam PowerBeat uses the most advanced strain gauge technology, along with an optimized processor, accelerators and gyros to accurately detect your power output.

Built from rods and springs, our worldwide patented mechanical sensor attaches easily to both of your crank arms. It senses your pedal stroke up to the millisecond, recording the direct and immediate torque that you apply.

Our sensor then feeds the data to our patented algorithm, located inside the comp unit, where it is translated into accurate power data.

The comp unit, which easily attaches to each of your pedals, transmits the data via ANT+ or low power Bluetooth to your smart phone or cycling computer, enabling live tracking of your energy output.

Plug and play

Designed for simple installation and intuitive operation, the Watteam PowerBeat is ideal for road cycling and compatible with both aluminum and carbon cranks. If you’re looking to improve your cycling performance, Watteam PowerBeat will get you there.


The Watteam PowerBeat uses the ANT+ protocol to wirelessly transmit data to your cycling computer. Its standardized platform ensures the highest reliable data transmission.

Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth Smart is an intuitive, power-efficient wireless technology that works seamlessly with your Smartphone. It is supported by the iPhone 4S or higher, and Android devices with Jelly Bean 4.3 or higher.

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