- - XENTIS Squad 5.8 Silver Line Carbon Clincher Wheelset

XENTIS Squad 5.8 Silver Line Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Handmade in Austria, the XENTIS 5.8 carbon clincher wheelset is feature rich. Firstly, the wheels employ straight pull Sapim CX-Ray spokes, along with hidden nipples. In addition, the "silver line" incorporates ceramic bearings, a valve sleeve that’s molded into the rim (a rubber washer inside keeps things from rattling 🙂 ) and a magnet that’s molded inside the rim as well. 

The rim features a wave pattern just below the brake track. XENTIS claims this design induces what’s referred to as "turbulation" – air coming off the wheel. According to them, this in turn reduces negative pressure behind the wheel – something we all call "drag".   


Perhaps the real hallmark feature of the 5.8 clincher, is XENTIS’s patented brake track. During production, a percentage of the top layer of resin in machined off – leaving more of carbon surface exposed. XENTIS claims this results in a brake track that is rougher, and  allows for the use of non-carbon specific brake pads, but most importantly better braking.  

The wheelset comes with a high quality, double padded wheel bag, along with two valve extenders, a set of titanium quick release skewers, a spacer for 10 speed cassettes, a tool to remove a valve core and rim strips that are already installed. 



dimension: 622 x 13C ETRTO (700C)
tires: clincher 18-622 to 25-622
max. inflate:
10 bar (18-622)/145 psi in 18-622
9,5 bar (21-622)/ 136 psi in 21-622
9 bar (22-622)/130 psi in 22-622
9 bar (23-622)/130 psi in 23-622
8 bar (25-622)/116 psi in 25-622
weight: 1.496g
hub front wheel: XeNTiS XH001-Ceramic
hub back wheel: XeNTiS XH001-Ceramic
Campagnolo 9/10/11-Speed
Shimano 9/10/11-Speed
SRAM 10-Speed
accessory: wheel bag
max. weight: 110kg


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