- - Xpedo Launches Thrust E Power Meter Pedals

Xpedo Launches Thrust E Power Meter Pedals

       Who’s Got the Power ?

The phrase almost sounds like the lyrics from that cheesy dance tune back in the 80’s "I’ve Got the Power".

In any case, Xpedo feels they’ve got the power, with their new Thrust E power meter pedals.

According to Xpedo, their new Thrust E system is more user friendly than the competition, by virtue of the fact, that the electronics are carefully concealed within the confines of the pedal body itself, to include the fact that there are no delicate "pods" dangling in the way of the crank arms. And, al that’s needed to install them is an 8mm allen key.  In addition, Xpedo says battery life can last up to 120 hours before recharigng.

The Thrust E’s transmit data via ANT+, and can be used in conjunction with apps like Wahoo Fitness or Trainer Road. Furthermore, Xpedo claims their new left/right system is accurate within plus/minus 2%, and all the rider needs to do in-between switching bikes or changing cleats – is re-zero the meters. 

The pedals themselves are made from 6061 forged aluminum with a chromoly axles and cartridge bearings, and they can be shagged for $1100.

And, if style is a concern, they’re available in four colors – black, red, blue and grey. Though for some reason, Xpedo likes to exhibit them in anodized red/orange, which is not offered ?

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