- - Zwift Beta Launches New Indoor Virtual Trainer

Zwift Beta Launches New Indoor Virtual Trainer

A new start-up company called Zwift Beta, announced the launch of its virtual, indoor training system this week.

The announcement was made simultaneously at Rapha Cycle Clubs in London, New York and San Francisco.

Here’s a ditty about their new product.

Zwift Is

Zwift is an online community of like minded athletes united in the pursuit of a better indoor training experience. Created by cyclists for cyclists, Zwift brings the things we love about outdoor cycling indoors and adds a dose of fun. Yes fun!

How do we do it? We start with the best of massive, multiplayer video game technology – our “Zengine” – add in a little voice communication and a whole lot of math. Zwift works across multiple platforms seamlessly connecting to all your existing devices wirelessly via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart protocols.

The result? An engaging indoor cycling experience that motivates and entertains. But don’t take our word for it – request an invite today.

Supported Trainers SMART TRAINERS electronically controlled 

Smart trainers add an extra dimension to your Zwift experience as we can control them to simulate changing environmental conditions like road terrain, wind, and drafting.

DUMB TRAINERS manual or no resistance control

You can use virtually any trainer with Zwift as long as you have a device that broadcasts power. We realize that power meters can be prohibitive so we’re working hard in the lab to run the most popular dumb trainer models through our special profiler to ensure you get all the benefits of acceleration with our virtual power curve (VPC). Yep – virtual power from a dumb trainer means all you need is an ANT+ speed sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need an internet connection to use Zwift? Yes. You will need an internet connection to download Zwift and create your account. You can use Zwift in offline mode (sans community) but you will need to log in once a month to validate your subscription.
  • Where can I get one of those ANT+ dongles? You’re in luck! We’ll send you one for free after you activate your invitation to the beta program.
  • How much does it cost? It’s free during the beta period! Sign up for your spot to receive an invitation today.
  • Can I use it with my tablet? Not yet. iOS and Android support is coming in 2015.
  • Is a smart phone required? No, but we’ll think you’ll love the extra dimension our mobile app ads. It acts as a second screen for your workout data, lets you change POV and choose who to drop in next to. Why not give it a try?
  • Can I upload my workouts to Strava? Of course! Simply link your Strava account under user preferences and your data will automatically post to Strava after each session. You can also download your activity data to manually post to other third-party sites like Garmin Connect and Training Peaks (we’ll link to more third-party sites in the future).

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