- - A Cycling Coloring Book for Adults is on Its Way

A Cycling Coloring Book for Adults is on Its Way


For the cyclist who doesn’t want to grow-up, and I think there’s a little bit of that in all of us two-wheel fanatics, a cycling coloring book for adults is on its way.

Laurence King Publishing, has plans to release the 120 page, The Bicycle Coloring Book – Journey To The Edge Of The World, next month, which will feature the artwork of Shan Jiang, who’s regarded for his striking illustrations found on the cover of The Ride Journal

For those unfamiliar with Jiang, his artwork combines the elements of cycling and fantasy, to create some truly amazing images.

from Laurence King Publishing…

The Bicycle Coloring Book follows the fantastic journey of a bicycle exploring an unknown, fantastical world – without its rider! The book is bursting with imaginative and intricate illustrations that cry out to be coloured in amazing detail. As you colour don’t forget to look out for the bicycle’s cute companion (who appears in every scene) and the illustration details that form a cleverly designed flip book. A stunning gift book that will appeal to lovers of cycling and urban art, as well as to committed colouring fans. 






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