- - ABUS Offers New WBA65 Bike Wall Anchor

ABUS Offers New WBA65 Bike Wall Anchor

ABUS has launched its latest bike security solution called the WBA65 Wall Anchor, a semi-permanent fixture that when combined with one of the brand’s chain or Ulock systems provides peace of mind for bike owners.

The WBA65 wall bracket, with its integrated anchor, offers a dual solution for securing your two-wheeler (e-bike, mountain bike, urban bike) in the garage or shed. Enhancing the security of your bike, an ABUS lock provides added protection when connected to a securely anchored object

While out and about, objects like street lamps or bicycle stands serve to secure your bike. However, storage in a garage or bicycle shed requires a different approach. Easily installed wherever needed, the WBA65 provides security against theft via lock and anchor. 

Beyond security, the wall bracket transforms the WBA65 into a versatile solution, creating space by enabling the bike to be conveniently hung on the wall.

“Because a lock from ABUS protects your bike even better when you connect it to a firmly anchored object. In public spaces, corresponding objects can quickly be found in the form of street lamps or bicycle stands, for example. But how do you secure your bike in the garage or bicycle cellar? You simply install our WBA65 where you need it. Now you can also lock your bike to a fixed object in the cellar with an ABUS bike lock. In the best case, it therefore is protected against theft by door, lock and anchor. The wall bracket not only makes the WBA65 a problem solver in terms of security but also creates space by allowing the bike to be hung on the wall,” boasts the German brand. 


  • Recommended for securing e-bikes and sporty bicycles to the cellar and garage wall
  • Ideal for space-saving wall mounting
  • Hex head lag bolts. Bolts are secured with ball bearings preventing a tool from being inserted for removal
  • 10mm thick shackle
  • Holder for the rear wheel
  • Simple installation
  • Security Level: 10/15
  • Made in Germany
  • Weight: 1,094g.
  • Color: Black
  • MSRP: $79.99

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