- - "Across Andes": An Unsupported Ultracycling Gravel Race in Chile

“Across Andes”: An Unsupported Ultracycling Gravel Race in Chile

Across Andes follows a 1,100-kilometer route through Chile that crosses the longest mountain range in the world, from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.

This year was the third edition of the event, and the riders coped with scorching-hot temperatures, brutal headwinds, and big climbs.

It was an exciting event to follow, and it included a record-setting first-place finish from Ulrich Bartholmoes, who finished in 49 hours and 25 minutes.

Cynthia Frazier was also riding hard and set a new fastest-known women’s time of 68 hours and 39 minutes, averaging 18 kilometers per hour throughout the race.

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