- - Adidas Launches Climachill Aluminium Titanium Infused Jersey

Adidas Launches Climachill Aluminium Titanium Infused Jersey

One best not be riding through any airport security checkpoints in Adidas’ new aluminum and titanium infused Supernova Climachill jersey, as he or she will likely send TSA agents scrambling for their tasers.   

Adidas is calling their new Climachill jersey, “the next generation of active cooling wear for cyclists,” as it uses high tech materials just this side of NASA.

Manufactured from a Polar Fiber, which is a light and breathable open mesh fabric, the jersey also incorporates what Adidas refers to as strategically positioned ‘aluminum cooling spheres’, which they claim provide a cooling sensation when in contact with the skin.

In addition, the Climachill uses Subzero yarns, that contain titanium, which are woven through the main fabric to help transfer heat away from the body more quickly.

It will be interesting see if the Climachill jersey functions as claimed, or it’s just a bunch of far-flung fabric phooey. 

The new jersey is currently available in a range of colors for men and women in Europe, but nothing for us “yanks’ just yet. 

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