- - Aero Design Swiss Introduces One-Size Adjustable Aero Stem

Aero Design Swiss Introduces One-Size Adjustable Aero Stem

Aero Design Swiss has undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter as a means of getting its one-size-fits-all aero stem off of the drawing table and into full production.

Comprised of carbon fiber, the innovative stem features a series of  “adjustment blocks” with internal spacers, which allows it to be adjustment from 50 to 150mm in length, using a clamshell closure system designed for 31.6 handlebars. Moreover, the stem is constructed using injection molded 3M glass bubble material, which is used to reinforce rigidity.

The stem can also be used in conjunction with Aero Design Swiss’ proprietary spacers, which can increase stack height from 20-100mm, measuring from the top of the headset to the center of the bar.

The Aero Stem measures 255mm in length and weighs 149g, while the angle falls in at -17°, making it parallel with the ground based on typical headtube angles found on most road frames. 

The Aero Stem is available to early backers for $155, while Aero Design Swiss is offering a second tier price of $260, which includes a special measuring tape to help dial in one’s fit.

more from Aero Design Swiss…

GET FIT on your bike through adjustability and FLY thanks to improved aerodynamics!

This is our company’s core concept and our new adjustable stem will be the key to achieve this goal for pros, amateurs, and teams as well as fitting specialists themselves.

Our components focus on the perfect fit because we want to transform YOU, the biggest component on your bike, to the most aerodynamic version of yourself!

Our primary focus

We focus on creating products that have the ability to move any single rider in their optimal cycling position.

This way you will no longer have to precisely measure your optimal riding position before ordering components. And if you grow a little or if you increase flexibility throughout the season you can now just adjust the stem instead of buying a new one.

Because you know, it’s much easier to adjust the bike to the rider, than to try to adjust the rider to the bike.

Our stem is easy to use! You won’t have to go to the bike shop to adjust your position on the stem, you will be able to do it comfortably from your home!

The correct fit on your bike can produce many benefits: aerodynamics, power, comfort and better health. These benefits are strongly correlated and are all extremely important to delivering a successful bike ride.

Many athletes take only one or two of these aspects into consideration but the ultimate cycling position can only be achieved through the balance of the four.

If your focus is directed only towards aerodynamics, you might not be able to maximize your power, you might be uncomfortable and therefore won’t be able to sustain the position for hours or you might compromise your health for years to come.

Our stem will give you the ability to experiment and slowly adjust to a new improved position!

Our Stem has a range of benefits for both cyclists and teams/shops, including a solution of the all important inventory issue that teams have. Rumors have it that team SKY brings up to 90 stems with them on tour! That’s ridiculous and is now solved with the Aero Design Swiss Stem.

Carbon Fiber

Over the years we have accumulated vast experience in working with carbon fiber and material specialists, therefore for us, it was the obvious material choice for the body of the stem. Carbon fiber is strong, lightweight, durable and it’s stiffer at a lower weight than almost any other material.

Unlike metal, carbon fiber’s stiffness can be finely manipulated; its stiffness properties apply only unidirectional, or along the long axis of the fibers themselves, so stiffness can be tuned based on how the carbon-fiber composite is oriented in the mold.

Plus, let’s face it, it looks really good!

3M™ Glass Bubbles

Injection molded 3M™ Glass Bubble is our high tech material of choice for the essential adjustment blocks. They are lightweight, high-strength, low-density, low-shrinkage, hollow glass microspheres made from soda-lime borosilicate glass. The 3M glass bubbles are engineered to withstand the temperatures and pressures of injection molding to precisely lock your handle into place.


As you can see, the nose-piece of the stem can be removed.
Wondering why? We will be releasing special nose pieces which can easily substitute original one:

Aerodynamic nose piece with halogen headlight and sidelights
UCI-inspired, rubberized aerodynamic nose piece for additional safety while group riding
Power-meter attachment nosepiece
Additional add-ons:

  • Top plate to securely hold your iPhone 6 (67x138mm), or 7 and Samsung S8 (more models will be added to the list)
  • Aero bar extension mounts with fore/aft adjustability
  • Aero bar arm rest mounts with fore/aft adjustability

Our quest towards the “Get Fit To Fly” concept will not end with the delivery of our stem. If this campaign will be successful, we will work on producing another set of new revolutionary bicycle components.



Aero Design Swiss

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