- - Ahoy! The CycleWing is a Sail for Your Bike

Ahoy! The CycleWing is a Sail for Your Bike

Ahoy! may soon be added to cycling’s glossary of terms, that’s if the CycleWing takes sail following a successful crowd-funding campaign.

According to the company, “the CycleWing is a new bicycle-mounted green technology that can turn almost any bicycle into a wind propelled vehicle. The patent pending CycleWing unit is compact, lightweight, and installs easily on most bicycles. If your bicycle can accommodate a standard rear rack, you should be able to install CycleWing on it.”  

The CycleWing can be attached to any traditional bike rack. And, once installed, it can be deployed in minutes, giving the cyclist full electronic control of the sail so it can be oriented toward capturing the full effect of the wind and changing conditions.

This is accomplished via a simple graphic display that comprises only two buttons to control, allowing the cyclist to keep both hands on the bar while remaining focussed on the road ahead. 

Similar to basic sailing, the CycleWing also involves the same “Points of Sail” principal, meaning 35° to 45° on either side of the wind is a “no-go” zone, where a sail is unable to mobilize power from the wind.  

Therefore, when the cyclist is coming from the direction of the “no go zone”, the CycleWing easily folds into a neat, compact and water resistant package that’s out of the way. 

The CycleWing currently has a Kickstarter page, offering special incentives to early-backers which you can learn more about here

Land Ho!

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