- - Alé Offes New Ultra-Lightweight PRR 2.0 Piuma Jersey

Alé Offes New Ultra-Lightweight PRR 2.0 Piuma Jersey


It’s interesting to see, the lengths some cyclists will go to trying to shed weight from their bike, all the while not realizing that similar gains can be accomplished with apparel.

Granted, cycling apparel doesn’t constitute the same kind of mass that a bike does, and lighter apparel may not have the same immediate effects that reducing sprung and unsprung rational mass has.

However, there’s no denying that sophisticated fabrics and materials can lead to increased performance by way of comfort and body temperature management.

Having that said, there’s no doubt that Alé understands this with the launch of its new PRR 2.0 Piuma jersey, that tips the scales at a feathery 100 grams.


The PRR 2.0 Piuma jersey uses Alé’s Body Mapping System, which features ergonomic raglan sleeves, double density mesh along the chest for added protection and excellent ventilation and super lightweight stretch fabric with a rip stop along the shoulders and back for optimal comfort and increased air flow.


Additionally, the PRR 2.0 Piuma, features an innovative 5 Pocket System, which consists of three traditional, elastic cargo pockets, a security pocket with zipper and an inside pocket, alongside a minimal construction waistband with elastic piping and reflective markings on the back. 


Alé offers the jersey in five exciting colorways, with a retail price of $130.00.


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Minimal garment, extremely lightweight and suitable for extreme hot temperatures or for climbs where you do not need any excess weight but a breathable and quick drying garment.


  • Classic ergonomic raglan sleeves inspired to our BODY MAPPING system according to which the fabrics are selected for their breathability and ventilation degree.
  • The chest area is made in a double density mesh like fabric that grants a minimal protection effect but a great ventilation degree above all. You’ll never feel suffocating in hot weather.
  • The shoulders, as well as the back panel, are made in a super lightweight stretch fabric with a rip stop effect granting a very high air flow.
  • The jersey features an innovative 5 Pockets Alé system: 3 traditional and elastic cargo pockets, a 4th Security Pocket with zip and a 5th eco pocket on the side.
  • Minimal construction on the waistband with 1cm elastic piping.


  • 5 Pockets Alé system.
  • Full Camlock zipper.
  • Low collar.
  • Sleeve with mesh material.
  • Security Reflex on the back for visibility.
  • 1cm internal elastic waist hem.




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