- - ALÉ Updates Its R-EV1 Collection of Cycling Apparel for 2017

ALÉ Updates Its R-EV1 Collection of Cycling Apparel for 2017


In the words of Vidal Sassoon, “if you don’t look good…we don’t look good”, in which case, ALÉ must have taken the tonsorialist’s words to heart when they updated their flagship R-EV1 collection of cycling apparel for 2017.

As one would expect, bold, vibrant colors arranged in stylish patterns and designs once again punctuate the inimitable style of the Italian brand.

For this season, R-EV1 collection has been expanded to offer an even greater selection of men’s and women’s jerseys, bib shorts and skin suits, to include matching socks and even a cycling cap to tie in the whole ensemble.


The R-EV1 represents ALÉ’s next generation of materials, which features the brand’s new bio-ceramic RIB 1.30 fabric, that’s designed to protect cyclists from harmful UVA–UVB rays, while also serving as an active material to regulate body temperature and provide maximum sweat management.

In addition, the R-EV1 jersey features what ALÉ calls its new GIRO sleeve, which was designed to provide an even more contoured fit over previous jerseys for increased body geometry and performance.


R-EV1 bib short is the evolution of ALÉ’s well-known RACING T bib short, which utilizes the label’s new DOUBLE ERGO shammy, that comprises an advanced 120kg pad for optimal comfort in key areas where the cyclist’s perineal and ischiadic nerves meet the saddle, while also keeping bulk to a minimum.

The R-EV1 collection is available in a wide range of sizes for both men and women, with prices starting out at $130 for jerseys and $195 for bib shorts.  


ALɔs complete R-EV1 collection can be viewed here.


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