- - Alex Dowsett Wants to Reclaim the Hour Record

Alex Dowsett Wants to Reclaim the Hour Record

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A shibboleth seems to be occurring in the realm of British Cycling, with critics casting aspersions on Bradley Wiggins’ use of bike during his Hour Record triumph, and Alex Dowsett’s desire to reclaim his coveted title. 

Dowsett’s trainer, Steve Collins, went on record with the BBC this week, calling the specially developed Pinarello Bolide HR, that Bradley Wiggins conquered the Hour Record onboard last Sunday, illegal under UCI requirements.  

In addition, Collins told the BBC, that he felt British Cycling preferred Wiggins to Dowsett, helping to design his bike and getting more involved in other ways.

“One of the sad bits about it was that Bradley’s bike wasn’t in production. He also had the help of British Cycling which, well, is not allowed. It was a bit strange to see British Cycling, like Shane Sutton, getting so involved last night when he doesn’t work for Team Wiggins, I’m not sure how that’s allowed.”

“For attempts like that it should all be production available so you can buy it off the shelf. You can’t get 3D-printed handlebars moulded to your own arms to make it easier for your own attempt.”

On the other hand, Dowsett feels confident the future may hold a different fate for him, should he attempt to tackle the Hour Record again.

“Unlike Bradley, I have time on my side”. “The velodrome is right up my street, and I’m someone who has both a time trialist and  track background. “I would like to go back and see what I am capable of, whether that be next year or in eight years’ time.”

photo credit @ Team Wiggins/Twitter

Wiggins has responded to the hype by saying:

“Personally I would love to see Fabian [Cancellara] and Tony [Martin] have a go at it. They don’t have the track pedigree to have a go at it, but I wouldn’t discount Alex. I would think Alex will have a look at that and consider his options. Alex, very much like me, will go away and do his homework and, if he thinks it is possible, he will have a go at it.

“But to be honest, Alex, the age he is at, he has probably got another eight years to have a go at this. Maybe not in the immediate future, but certainly in the next eight-odd years. Fabian and Tony are running out of time, probably.”

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