- - Alfredo Wooden Bicycles Celebrate Alfredo Binda

Alfredo Wooden Bicycles Celebrate Alfredo Binda

Established in 2017, Alfredo Wooden Bicycles combine elegance and functionality that are inspired by none other than Alfredo Binda, Italy’s most celebrated cyclist during the 1920’s. 

Each wooden frame is entirely handmade without the use of modern machinery, including a transparent waterproof coatings that resists both the elements as well as scratching, giving each piece an heirloom quality that can last generations. Moreover, only eco-friendly, sustainable materials are used.

“Our wooden frame bicycles are entirely handmade, without resorting to automatic machinery, fully respecting the times that this ancient material requires,” the makers say. “Our bicycles are guaranteed for life. With an Alfredo you will have uniqueness, performance and a work of art that can be handed down.”

The bikes are offered in three configurations, the Comfort, the Gran Turismo and the Performance, along with a choice of select components.

Alfredo Wooden Bicycles doesn’t specify prices or lead times, but rest assured bikes don’t come cheap or quickly.  




Alfredo Wooden Bikes 

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