- - Alpecin Decides to Drop ‘Doping' from Its Slogan

Alpecin Decides to Drop ‘Doping’ from Its Slogan


Alpecin, the secondary sponsor of the Giant-Alpecin team, has pledged to drop the word “doping” from its slogan, out of respect for the Tour de France.

The hair product manufacturer, who uses caffeine in its shampoo, has decided to drop “doping” from its controversial slogan, ‘doping for your hair’, in deference to a sport that works tirelessly to promote drug-free competition.  


“I would hope that Alpecin as sponsors, and above all the cyclists, will not be the subject of any discussions during the next three weeks of the Tour,” said Alpecin’s managing director Edward R. Doerrenberg in a statement.

“We are aware of our responsibility and therefore distinguish clearly between the claims of an effective product and fraud in sport.”

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