- - Alpitude Introduces "Stelvio" Carbon Fiber Computer Mount

Alpitude Introduces “Stelvio” Carbon Fiber Computer Mount

Weight-weenies and enthusiasts who are persnickety about the accessories that adorn their bike, will rejoice upon learning that Alpitude has introduced a new carbon fiber computer mount called the Stelvio that weighs a mere 15g.

The Stelvio features a hollow carbon fiber arm and aluminum bracket that’s available in two lengths (79mm and 89mm), which is capable of accommodating a range of different computers from companies such as Garmin, Wahoo and Polar.

The Stelvio’s aluminum bracket works by attaching directly to the face-plate of the stem, which has an adjustable design that allows it to interface with different face-plate bolt dimensions for precise alignment.

However, according to Alpitude, there are a few stems on the market such as the THM Tibia, Extralite Hyperstem, Fizik Cyrano and AX Lightness that won’t work with the Stevio. 

The Stelvio mount sells for 69,67€, and it can be purchased directly from Alpitude’s website here.

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One mount, multiple devices. Stelvio mount will be a durable product. Thanks to the 4-lock holes every customers can choose their prefer computer: Garmin, Polar or Wahoo.


Thanks to the hallow structure, Stelvio out-front mount achive only 15 grams of weight. Stelvio is made with high-strenght carbon fiber and 7075 alloy. Very light weight but also very strong!


In the market there are many stems, but every devices must stay in the center line. Thanks to a buttomhole you can install Stelvio mount in a wide range of stems.


Such as every product of our company, is hanmade in our workshop. Yes, believe in handcrafted method combined with the latest technologies available on the market.

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