- - Alpitude Offers 9 Gram Superleggero Carbon Bottle Cage

Alpitude Offers 9 Gram Superleggero Carbon Bottle Cage

Weight Weenies and bike aficionados will rejoice, now that Alpitude has launched a new carbon fiber bottle cage aptly called the Superleggero, which tips the scales at an astonishingly light 9 grams.

Alpitude is an off-shoot of Werking Cycle, a small brand of handmade, artisan carbon frames from Trentino, Italy, that’s become synonymous with bespoke cockpit bits and pieces like the company’s impressive full-carbon Stelvio computer mount.

The new Superleggero features a continuous loop of hand-laid carbon fiber combined with a separate carbon lip to hold the bottle in place.

“Less is more, Superleggero is the cutting edge of our knowdledge in bottlecage. We have put in it the same feeling of the classic Ultracage but with a more minimal shape and less weight”, says Alpitude and Werking’s founder Andrea Sega. 

The Superleggero comes supplied with its own lightweight titanium bolts, keeping the overall weight to just 12 grams. 

The Superleggero sells for €65 (approximately $75), and it can be purchased directly from Alpitude’s website here.




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