- - Angel Cycle Works Uses Titanium, 3D-Printing and Handmade Artistry to Create the "Holy Trinity" of Bikes

Angel Cycle Works Uses Titanium, 3D-Printing and Handmade Artistry to Create the “Holy Trinity” of Bikes

Angel Cycle Works uses titanium, 3D-printing and handmade artistry to create the Holy Trinity of bikes, aptly dubbing its road model the Heaven

New to the bespoke bike segment, the Spanish brand is helmed by architect and bike manufacturer José Angel Calabuig, alongside journalist and product developer Antonio del Pino.

The Heaven employs a mix of traditional welding that’s complimented by the use of a 3D-printed bottom bracket and lugs, resulting in less weight, while also ensuring precise alignment.  

Additionally, the length of the Heaven’s chainstays can also be adjusted via its thru-axle dropout design that Angel Cycle Works calls its Heaven Door Adapter, which allows the chainstays to be extended from 400mm to 425mm, creating enough clearance to accommodate tires up to a beefy 38mm. Think both road and light gravel duties. 

Other features that punctuate the Heaven include a proprietary stem that allows for full cockpit integration and a carbon fiber seatpost that’s mated with a custom 3D-printed topper.

However, the makers point out that their seatpost design can be swapped out for a more traditional set-up.

Naturally, Angel Cycle Works offers a number of cosmetic options such as custom paint and anodized finishes, as well as a choice of different logos. 

Want one?

You best be prepared to throw down plenty of pesos, as the Heaven fetches anywhere from €9,600 to €17,300, depending on the components and finish. 






Angel Cycle Works 

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