- - Angell Shows-Off New Sleek S/Rapide eBike

Angell Shows-Off New Sleek S/Rapide eBike

Angell is showing-off its latest eBike called the S/Rapide, offering city dwellers a sleek, lightweight option for traversing the urban landscape.

Equipped in all manner of smart technology, the S/Rapide boasts an integrated, customizable touch screen that can provide valuable data and functions such as speed, pollution index, battery levels and GPS guidance. The new two-wheeler also features a vibrating handlebar that’s designed to act as a turn indicator when used in conjunction with GPS.

“With road transport accounting for over 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, a figure that continues to rise faster than any other sector, Angell bikes have been created to transform urban commutes while reducing environmental impact,” says Angell.

At the center of the S/Rapide is lightweight “goose-neck” frame, accompanied by a classic leather saddle and an integrated handlebar design, along with a removable battery that can be fully charged in two hours, allowing the bike to travel up to 31 miles (50 kilometers) on a single charge.

“Angell expertly fills a gap in the market for a functional yet beautiful product that does not compromise the ability to move quickly and freely around cities, while simultaneously enhancing the eco-responsibility and safety of our urban environment,” says the French brand.

Power comes courtesy of a 250-watt rear-hub, which is capable of propelling the S/Rapide to a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 kph) courtesy of three assistance modes, Free Ride, Navigation and Sport, as well as four pedal-assist modes, Fly Free, Fly Eco, Fly Dry and Fly Fast.

Other features that highlight the S/Rapide include integrated taillights, turn signals, a theft alarm and a front light, along with the option of fenders and rear panniers.

The S/Rapide is offered in green, black and silver, with pricing starting at $2,839.

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