- - "Around The World in 1000 Days" by Fredrika Ek

“Around The World in 1000 Days” by Fredrika Ek

Around The World In 1000 Days is a new book that documents a captivating story by Swedish bikepacker Fredrika Ek, whom spent 1042 days on her bike, solo and unsupported, covering almost 32,000 miles (51,000 kilometers) across 45 different countries.

In the process she raised $85,000 for Action Aid. Driven by curiosity, and a burning desire to find out what awaited on the other side, she crossed deserts and mountains, national borders and the boundaries of pain, over doorsteps, and straight into people’s homes and lives.

1042 days and a planet later, she came home with an amazing story to tell.

“Why bike around the world and why not? It took my scarcely 20 seconds to pencil in that line on a Google world map, printed in greyscale. The line. From Sundsvall to Sundsvall – by way of the world. In my mind, it was not any more complicated than that.

Deserts and mountains. National borders and the boundaries of pain. Over doorsteps and straight into peoples homes and lives. It was all about curiosity. And a burning desire to find out what awaited me on the other side. My name is Fredrika. I am a very ordinary girl with occasionally unusual ideas.

This is the book about one of them. I set out, and 1042 days and a planet later, I came home again with a story to tell.”

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